Bob Terry’s Editorials

Editor Bob Terry shares insights, opinions, interpretations, devotional thoughts and challenges through his weekly editorial.

July 20, 2000

State Paper Still Important Part of Baptist Life

Since 1843, the state Baptist paper has been an important part of Alabama Baptist life. During its first year of publication, the state convention ... [READ MORE]

July 13, 2000

Congratulations to the University of Mobile

University of Mobile President Mark Foley and other school officials deserve high praise for bringing to a close a stormy chapter in the school’s ... [READ MORE]

June 15, 2000

Glimpses of Life in Jesus’ Day

During the middle 10 days of May, I became one of about 2.5 million people expected to visit Israel during this millennial year. Israel’s Ministry ... [READ MORE]

June 8, 2000

Revised Statement Should Be Amended or Defeated

The 19 men and women who drafted the proposed revision of the Baptist Faith and Message Statement are all good and godly people. They are seminary ... [READ MORE]

June 7, 2000

The Christian Women’s Leadership Center

A co-worker asked if the timing of the announcement was planned. I assured her it was not, purely coincidental. The question was about the story ... [READ MORE]

June 1, 2000

Is Soul Competency Under Attack?

In 1612 John Smyth wrote: “The magistrate is not by virtue of his office to meddle with religion or matters of conscience, to force or compel ... [READ MORE]