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November 20, 2019

My Rashionale: ‘You never know how God will use’ the work you do for Him

His grandmother’s diligent prayers and a letter to the editor in The Alabama Baptist changed the course of his life.  Pastor John shared his ... [READ MORE]

November 13, 2019

My Rashionale: Picking out a few pieces of our ripest ‘fruit’ to share

The annual meeting of the Alabama Baptist State Convention will have just wrapped up for 2019 when you receive this issue of The Alabama Baptist ... [READ MORE]

November 6, 2019

My Rashionale: Tis the season to be stressed but hang tight to your joy

The week leading up to the end of Daylight-Saving Time always seems chaotic to me. People are generally more hyped up — ask any teacher about ... [READ MORE]

October 30, 2019

My Rashionale: So much ‘fruit’ spilling out among strangers trapped together

The older gentleman’s body language indicated intense frustration. He directed our car to a parking spot with a scowl on his face and harsh ... [READ MORE]

October 23, 2019

My Rashionale: Simple decluttering of the brain helps when overwhelmed

Have you ever tried brain dumping — writing down what is swirling around in your brain? It really is simple and can be a quick exercise of ... [READ MORE]

October 16, 2019

My Rashionale: Thinking about the faith leaders, spiritual mentors in my life

I’ve been thinking about the spiritual leaders, mentors, pastors and other faith giants in my life lately. Maybe with October being Minister ... [READ MORE]