Jennifer Rash’s Editorials

Opinion pieces by Jennifer Davis Rash.

September 4, 2019

My Rashionale: Achieving success sometimes requires adjusting the plan

I can’t remember how often I’ve said the same thing through the years but one of my mentors finally called me on it.  As I walked him through ... [READ MORE]

August 28, 2019

My Rashionale: Timing makes all the difference when sharing concerns

The pastor’s path from his office to the pulpit each Sunday morning should have been an uplifting walk with church members smiling at him and ... [READ MORE]

August 21, 2019

My Rashionale: Ready for football Saturdays, reminders to strive for excellence

The heat remains intense outside but that won’t diminish the enthusiasm building up in many of us as we count down the final week before kicking ... [READ MORE]

August 14, 2019

My Rashionale: Thank you for doing life with us — we love sharing your stories

A famous quote by Ronald Reagan says, “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.”  I’m not sure when I first heard this ... [READ MORE]

August 7, 2019

My Rashionale: Young adults in transition sometimes need a rope to hold on to

Preparing our Back to Campus issue each year always takes me back to my own college days and how much I grew during those years.  It’s sometimes ... [READ MORE]

July 31, 2019

My Rashionale: True communication more than reading, listening; it’s grasping

You’ve likely heard the phrase “communication happens when you hear what I think I said.” In other words miscommunication happens when ... [READ MORE]