Express gratitude to God by helping others during holidays, throughout the year

November 27, 2019

By Carolyn Tomlin
Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist

As the holiday season approaches we are reminded to count the many blessings God has bestowed on our lives during the past year. This season consider ways you and your family can not only continue to thank God for His blessings but also pay those blessings forward.

Here are some suggestions:

Volunteer as a family. Data shows that when young children are involved in volunteer work they continue this as adults. Look around your neighborhood. What projects need extra hands that your family could support?

Serving as a family

Perhaps you could weed a community flower bed, pick up trash in the church parking lot or serve a meal at a homeless shelter. No matter what project is selected, the important thing is serving as a family and developing compassion for helping others.

Plan a community food drive. Invite children in your neighborhood or church to a pizza party. Mention that donations of non-perishable food items will be accepted. Provide sturdy boxes for packing the cans and packages. As part of the party ask children to pack boxes. Donate the boxes to a local ministry that helps hungry families. 

As you pack food boxes talk with children about following the example of Christ when we feed others (see Matt. 25:35–40). Remind children and youth that many people in Alabama go to bed hungry or lack healthy foods to eat. Talk about how it feels to give to people in need.

Contact your local Baptist association to see which community ministries need volunteers and offer the help of your family, Sunday School class or small group. Commit to at least one volunteer project per month in the coming year and use a shared calendar (print or online) to set the dates and communicate details for each project. As you serve talk with children about following the example of Christ when we help others.