Faith and Family: How social media is hurting families — 10 Tips for disconnecting with social media and connecting with real people

May 28, 2015

1. Fast from social media regularly. Find a span of time each day or each month to delete the apps for a time and replace that time with something meaningful. 

2. Create accountability for yourself and your family. Share passwords with your spouse and check in on your kids’ accounts. 

3. Challenge yourself to spend more time checking in on people around you than you do with those on social media accounts. 

4. Find ways to intentionally connect with friends and family in real life, rather than simply liking or commenting on their social media posts.

5. Spend intentional, quality time with the people in your life. Set aside the electronic device and do something you actually “like.” Try to notice how it feels to do this without posting about it.

6. Set up healthy boundaries when interacting with people on social media. 

7. Make it fun. While at a social gathering, have everyone place his or her electronic device(s) in a basket. First person to check his or her phone has to buy dinner or load the dishwasher.

8. Try not to let social media be the only way of congratulating someone or encouraging them during a struggle. Don’t just comment on their posts. Pick up the phone or go knock on their doors.

9. Remember that conversations are always more clear and meaningful in person. How many of us have misunderstood a text message or email and experienced unnecessary hard feelings?

10. Remember that real friendships grow best in real life.


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