Have you completed the Census? If not, take six minutes to help the people of Alabama today. Deadline is Sept. 30.

September 18, 2020

I’m excited to share with you that the staff of TAB Media is 100% in completing the 2020 Census.

While we’ve been publishing consistent reminders this year, I didn’t want to write about it myself until I could confidently confirm each of our team members had filled it out.

And if you’ve picked up a newspaper, listened to news in any form, watched TV ads, seen billboards on the side of the road or been aware at almost any level this year, you know it’s time to fill out the Census.

It really is easy to knock out and will make a world of difference for Alabama — and you still have time to fill it out before the Sept. 30 deadline.

Completing the Census helps ensure Alabama receives appropriate funding for schools, hospitals, fire departments, road repairs and more.

Without a complete count of who lives in the state — and thus uses the services provided by the state — Alabama stands to lose billions of dollars of federal funding as well as congressional representation.

Some days, it feels like our voices are easily silenced, and we can’t make a difference even if we try.

The Census is one way your voice will be heard. You truly can make a difference for your state, your community and your family.

Think about that road in disrepair you drive on constantly or that county service you experienced recently that wasn’t up to the quality you believe citizens of our state deserve.

We will always have debates over prioritizing funding and who gets what where, but we shouldn’t be missing out on basic needs merely because our citizens failed to slow down long enough to be counted.

You can choose to fill out the Census online, by paper or over the phone.

Call 844-330-2020 to fill it out over the phone or talk to someone about the Census.

To fill it out online, go to my2020census.gov.

Once you’ve completed the census for your household, check on your family and friends and encourage them to do the same.

Take a few minutes to help them knock it out if they are having trouble or aren’t sure what to do. The information is confidential, so no one has to be fearful of filling it out.

By Jennifer Davis Rash

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