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Latest News | May. 24 2020

US houses of worship emerge from lockdown

For the first time in two months, there was clapping, singing and fellowship inside church buildings across the nation as members of the congregation... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 24 2020

Poll: Partisan split over virus-era restrictions

Republicans are more likely than Democrats (49% to 21%) to believe that prohibiting in-person church services during the COVID-19 pandemic violates... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 23 2020

Wisconsin hair salon owner sues over order

Jessica Netzel, owner of Kingdom Kuts in Appleton, Wisconsin, filed a federal lawsuit claiming Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ “safer at home”... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 22 2020

TAB’s weekly newspaper, podcast garner national RCC awards

The TAB Media team earned three top honors from Religion Communicators Council for work done in 2019. The awards are: Award of Excellence for... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | May. 21 2020

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey further relaxes restrictions on activities in the state

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey today (May 21) announced further loosening of restrictions to the state’s public health order, allowing greater freedom... [READ MORE]

International News | May. 21 2020

Police arrest, assault Christians preparing relief aid in India

NEW DELHI – A pastor and seven others putting relief packets together for the poor were assaulted by police who arrested them on a baseless... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | May. 21 2020

Pat Dye hospitalized with kidney issues, positive for COVID-19, family says

Pat Dye, the revered Auburn University football coach, has been hospitalized with kidney issues and has tested positive for the coronavirus,... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 20 2020

IMB extends halt of volunteer groups through July 31

International Mission Board officials have extended postponement of field personnel hosting ministry volunteer groups through July 31, according... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | May. 20 2020

Black church, communities hit hard by COVID-19

By Margaret Colson The Alabama Baptist While COVID-19 has impacted all sectors of Alabama’s population, studies show that African-American... [READ MORE]

Latest News | May. 20 2020

Why do we use TAB instead of The Alabama Baptist now?

As you may have noticed, the overall ministry of The Alabama Baptist is transitioning to being called TAB Media. Why? Because the ministry has... [READ MORE]

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