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Latest News | Feb. 1 2017

‘Opportunity’ emerges from fire damage at FBC Orange Beach

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Pastor John Price said he doesn’t know yet how the fire started in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church,... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Feb. 1 2017

In memory of former TAB staff member Anthony Wade

Anthony Wade, former staff member with The Alabama Baptist, newspaper died Jan. 28. He most recently served with Indian Springs First Baptist... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 27 2017

WMU Foundation makes HEART Fund grant to aid Hattiesburg tornado victims

BIRMINGHAM (WMU Foundation) — In the aftermath of storms that swept through the southeastern United States Jan. 21–22, national Woman’s... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 27 2017

Hayden residents vote ‘wet’ for 2017

BIRMINGHAM (Neisha Roberts) — The last time Hayden residents voted on the legalization of alcohol sales they voted to remain “dry” in... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 24 2017

Alabama Baptists at the ready to help fellow states following deadly weekend storm system

ADEL, Ga. (BP) — Southern Baptists throughout the Southeast have started responding to a deadly storm system that reportedly claimed the lives... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 20 2017

Christian response to inauguration day

By Steve Gaines Today Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. As you know, Mr. Trump won a highly volatile election last... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 13 2017

Birmingham civil rights sites designated as national monument

WASHINGTON — In one of his last official acts, President Barack Obama has designated Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, and other... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jan. 2 2017

TAB launches new website

You want to read what you want to read. And you want it to be easy to use, easy on the eyes and simple to interact with. Right? The good news... [READ MORE]

Gambling | Jan. 2 2017

Electronic bingo in all forms officially ruled illegal in Alabama

MONTGOMERY (TAB) — Two rulings by the Alabama Supreme Court today (Dec. 23), combined with a March ruling already on the books, officially... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 15 2016

Alabama pastor calls for ‘frank’ conversations about Calvinism

Alabama pastor Rick Patrick would like to see intentional “frank” conversations happening among Southern Baptists related to how Traditionalists... [READ MORE]