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Latest News | Mar. 17 2017

Should a church be allowed to have its own police force?

MONTGOMERY (Carrie Brown McWhorter) — A bill that would allow a Birmingham church to employ its own police force is advancing in the state... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 17 2017

Alabama drive-in theater owner takes stand against Disney’s latest film

After the director of the new live-action “Beauty and the Beast” film announced the addition of a gay character to the script, 95 percent... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 16 2017

Will stats of 92% of Americans preferring good sportsmanship over winning hold true during March Madness?

By Aaron Earls LifeWay Christian Resources NASHVILLE (BP) — Thanks to wild buzzer beaters and unbelievable upsets, the NCAA men’s basketball... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 13 2017

Legislature to recognize ‘Pro-life Day’ on March 16

  MONTGOMERY (TAB) — The Alabama Legislature has designated March 16 “Pro-life Day” and, as such, the House of Representatives will... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 10 2017

Review of Aaron Shust’s new album released today

Aaron Shust “Love Made A Way” (2017) — released today, March 10, 2017 Worship music is about creating a sense of intimacy. So are... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 7 2017

40 Days for Life

The Spring 2017 40 DAYS FOR LIFE Campaign is now in its first full week (March 1 to April 9). It’s not too late to get in on the blessings... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Mar. 3 2017

Christian bakers continue religious liberty fight

SALEM, Ore. (Diana Chandler, BP) — Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein took their religious liberty fight to court March 2 after they... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Mar. 2 2017

Keeping children safe in digital world topic of March seminars in Birmingham

In the current digital landscape in which we live, we have limitless information at our fingertips — good and bad. And for parents, guardians... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Feb. 27 2017

FBC Orange Beach suffers second devastating loss

ORANGE BEACH (TAB) — The past month has been difficult for members of First Baptist Church, Orange Beach — a month starting and ending with... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Feb. 26 2017

University of Mobile emotional reunion story airing on NBC Nightly News tonight

MOBILE (Kathy Dean) — NBC Nightly News will air the University of Mobile heartwarming reunion story of student Erika Samuels and graduate Philip... [READ MORE]