My Rashionale: Thank you for doing life with us — we love sharing your stories

August 14, 2019

A famous quote by Ronald Reagan says, “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.” 

I’m not sure when I first heard this quote but I remind myself of it often as the despair and brokenness around all of us becomes more and more overwhelming.

So many odds seem stacked against an endless number of friends, family and acquaintances as well as that constant stream of faces popping up in media reports sharing the latest horrific action or depressing situation.

We are bombarded with upsetting news reports on every news channel, in every newspaper and on all forms of digital news platforms.

We can’t escape the negativity, ugliness and unthinkable actions happening so routinely now that we aren’t really surprised — which makes it even more sad, knowing we have come to expect the worst of each other.

One by one, more and more of the human race is losing hope, embracing fear and deciding not to try any more. Evil and deep-seated anger are turning some to destructive retaliation.

And who needs enemies on foreign soil plotting against us when we are doing a spectacular job of imploding by ourselves? 

As all of the despair swirls around us, how easy is it for believers in and followers of Jesus Christ to pull into themselves determining that “there’s no hope,” “it’s too far gone” or “it’s just too overwhelming”?

Some days really are exhausting (almost too hard to bear) and most definitely overwhelming but with Christ we are able.

We know this and for many of us we’ve truly experienced it, but we also fight a constant battle of amnesia when it comes to God’s promises, God’s word and many of the basic truths.

You might have a favorite Scripture or a certain song that motivates and recenters you.

Sometimes a spiritual mentor or Bible study teacher reminds us that we can overcome — even when life doesn’t work out like we thought or the journey looks drastically different than we ever imagined.

We also hope that engaging with The Alabama Baptist and TAB Media offers a glimpse of hope and reminders of how much good really is happening amid the chaos.

Our goal is to offer accurate and fair reporting of news and information, helpful resources for surviving life’s difficult circumstances and hope-filled encouragement and inspiration along the journey.

We love sharing the stories of God’s people doing God’s work in Alabama, across the nation and around the world.

We pray your time spent with TAB is calming, peaceful and fulfilling — and that it prompts you to shine for Jesus, share His love and demonstrate the amazing grace He modeled for us.

Walking this path with you is one of our greatest honors. Thank you for trusting us and committing time to spend with us. Thank you for joining the conversation and helping us all learn together. Thank you for doing life with us.

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