My Rashionale: Young adults in transition sometimes need a rope to hold on to

August 7, 2019

Preparing our Back to Campus issue each year always takes me back to my own college days and how much I grew during those years. 

It’s sometimes hard to believe that college is where I learned how to use a computer. 

I had been exposed to a computer in high school while on the yearbook staff but it wasn’t until freshman English class in college that I truly experienced the full use of a computer — and I’ve never stopped trying to learn more about them since.

College also offered an opportunity to explore various degree programs and potential careers as I attempted to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

And then there were the extracurricular activities like serving in ambassador roles, on the Student Government Association and in the marching band.

College experiences are different for everyone. I loved my campus days and discovered so much about myself and my Lord during those years.

Sometimes college doesn’t work out to be the best experience for everyone, however. New freedoms and challenges might be overwhelming and lead to poor choices.

Some students end up coming back home, at least for a while.

But no matter the path young adults take — whether going the college route or not — we do realize this is the time in life when exploration happens.

Who am I? What is important to me? Why is it important to me? What are my goals and values? These are some of the questions young adults face daily whether they realize it or not.

The transition from being part of a protected environment at home with a youth minister and youth group surrounding them at church is where the “roots and wings” concept Mike Nuss mentions on page 4 will show itself (or not).

And in those years — the young adult transition time — we’d like to offer an online community, a space for believers to gather.

We call it The Rope because we hope it becomes something “to hold on to” during this season of life.

We won’t be a replacement parent nor a youth minister but we do hope young adult believers who are strong in their faith will share about real life struggles and how they are holding on to their faith through those moments.

We hope those who gather in this space will encourage each other along the journey.

The content comes from both guys and gals and covers a multitude of topics. Our goal is to continue diving deeper into the issues important to young adults.

It’s also a great place for a young adult to experience the world of blogging and develop his or her writing skills through the editing that will take place.

So if you are a young adult and would like to be a contributor or if you know a young adult who would benefit from engaging with The Rope, email us at

And check out The Rope at

By Jennifer Davis Rash

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