Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | September 21, 2000

Poll shows support for vouchers declining

WASHINGTON—Support for school vouchers is waning, with a majority of Americans now opposing the use of public funds to pay tuition at private... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | September 21, 2000

Judge allows moment of silence to stand

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—A Virginia judge ruled Aug. 31 that public school students can continue observing a moment of silence until he makes a... [READ MORE]

National News | September 21, 2000

First Hindu offers congressional prayer

WASHINGTON—Just two days after the first Catholic nun opened the House of Representatives with a morning prayer, the House chaplain tapped... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | September 14, 2000

2000 state convention to focus on evangelism

Sept. 14, 2000 Alabama Baptists attending the 2000 Alabama Baptist State Convention annual meeting will find new opportunities in evangelism... [READ MORE]

Asia | September 14, 2000

Fiji: South Pacific’s shining star dimmed by social problems

The idyllic Fiji islands have long been a beacon to lovers of exotic locations — including Captain Bligh’s infamous crew who mutinied... [READ MORE]

Books | September 14, 2000

It takes a community Churches join for area Vacation Bible School

Joy in the Desert Baptist Church was a relatively new church meeting in a local high school with about 80 people earlier this summer. But like... [READ MORE]