Pleasant Hill Baptist sign set on fire; other churches face vandalism too

October 16, 2020

No arrests have been made yet for a suspected arson attack at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Heflin, which was among several churches victimized by vandals in recent weeks. Someone threw gas on the Pleasant Hill Baptist lighted sign and set it on fire back in September, according to church member Regina Perry.
“We have not repaired the sign yet — we’re in the process of getting bids and see what it’s going to cost us to get it replaced,” Perry said. “We were sad that it happened. Our little church is so pretty, and it’s a nice sign.”
Law enforcement officers are also still looking to identify the people who vandalized Arlena Methodist Church and cemetery in Crenshaw County in September, as well as two churches and a school in Huntsville in mid-October — Weatherly Heights Baptist Church, All Saints Lutheran and Covenant Christian Academy.

By Grace Thornton

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