Thank you for being ‘you have lettuce in your teeth’ kind of friends

February 17, 2021

Concerned about my hair and making sure my necklace fell properly, I forgot to check for lipstick on my teeth.

And wouldn’t you know it, my plum lip shimmer shimmered itself right across the front of my pearly whites perfectly in time for the photo.

Granted a little lipstick out of place on occasion isn’t unusual, but what confused me was the fact that at least five people had been chatting with me prior to my turn to pose and smile.

I’m guessing the photographer focused on overall composition and lighting and overlooked a few tiny details.

I know to always double check in a mirror prior to an official photo shoot. Why I didn’t this time, I’m not sure.

But still it was my friends who let me smile all big and bright without even the slightest indication something was amiss.

They most likely never thought about it again and maybe, just maybe, they didn’t actually notice the lipstick. It’s possible they are innocent bystanders. At least I can hope.

When the photo popped in my email inbox complete with the plum-colored smudge across my smile, I chuckled at the image and realized how a simple goofy-looking photo represented what can happen when no one is around to assess the situation and tell you the truth.

And, of course, you know I couldn’t let the experience go to waste, especially as it happened so close to when I wanted to introduce you to your advocates on the TAB Media team.

While all of us on staff consider you a friend and are here for you, we wanted to be more intentional about ensuring all of you partnering with us has an advocate representing you.

Some of you may fall into several categories, and that works great. Either way, know you are important to us and we want you to reach out any time.

  • For individual and group subscribers, as well as local edition clients, Haley Piersol, client coordinator, is your contact. Haley’s email is and her number is 205-777-6318.
  • For clients using our digital services resources (help with websites and/or social media), Sarah Gill, digital services associate, is your contact. Sarah’s email is and her number is 205-777-6313.
  • For directors of missions and associational missions staff members, Debbie Campbell, director of communications, is your contact. Debbie’s email is and her number is 205-777-6306.
  • For church leaders and donors, your contact is Cynthia Watts, executive assistant to the president. Her email is and her number is 205-777-6303.
  • For sponsors and advertising partners, your contact is Melanie McKinney, ad manager, and/or sales representatives Pam Holt and Susan Stevens. Contact the ad team members at or 205-777-6302.
  • For guests visiting the TAB offices or callers needing assistance, your contact is guest services coordinator Annette Brown at or 205-777-6300.
  • For ministry partners and those participating in various events sponsored by TAB, events coordinator Jessica Ingram is your contact. Jessica’s email is and her number is 205-777-6322.
  • If none of these categories describe you, then contact Maggie Evans, special assistant to the editor, at or 205-777-6301 and she’ll help you find your group and corresponding advocate.

We will work hard to take care of any concerns you have related to your experience with TAB Media — and we promise to let you know when you have lipstick on (or lettuce in) your teeth. Thank you for being a close friend to us as well.

By Jennifer Davis Rash

  • David Garrard Magic